Chilled Coffee The name of this coffee describes it best. And yes, it’s very good. Just place the coffee in the refrigerator to chill, then enjoy. Whatever you do, don’t add ice cubes!


  • 1/2 cwater
  • 1 tspinstant coffee (i used decaffeinated coffee)
  • 2 packetsof sweet ‘n low zero calorie sweetener (see **note)
  • 1 c2 % milk

How to Make Chilled Coffee

  1. In a coffee mug which will hold 12 ounces of liquid (1-1/2 cups), add the water, instant coffee, and the 2 packets of Sweet ‘N Low Zero Calorie Sweetener.
  2. Place coffee mug in microwave and heat for 45 seconds. (My microwave heats at 1,000 watts)
  3. Remove coffee mug, stir, then add the milk; stir once more.
  4. Place coffee in refrigerator until it is chilled. (Good and cold; then enjoy your coffee!) "Do not add ice cubes", as it will dilute the coffee.
  5. *Note: When adding the coffee, I used Maxwell House Instant Decaffeinated Coffee. But you can use another brand of instant coffee, even if it’s not decaffeinated.
    Also you can use another sugar substitute, such as, Great Value No Calorie Sweetener, or Essential Everyday Saccharin Sweetener No Calories.
  6. **Note: From what I’ve read, each packet of Sweet ‘N Low Zero Calorie Sweetener is about 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar.


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